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Home Baby Knee Pads Li Ning Children's Baby Knee pads for warmth protection and fall prevention Men's and Women's Dance Bike Bike Bike Universal Black Grey Medium Two Pack
$99 (tax inclusive)
Li Ning Children's Baby Knee pads for warmth protection and fall prevention Men's and Women's Dance Bike Bike Bike Universal Black Grey Medium Two Pack
[Li Ning LDEP831-1] Li Ning Children's Baby Knee Pads for Thermal Protection and Fall Prevention for Men and Women's Dancing Cycling Universal Black Grey M Size Two Pack [Market Quotation Price Evaluation]-
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Product name: Li Ning LDEP831-1Product name: Li Ning LDEP831-1
Product No.: 100026424375Product No.: 100026424375
Gross weight of goods: 120.00gGross weight of goods: 120.00g
Origin: Yangzhou, Chinese MainlandOrigin: Yangzhou, Chinese Mainland
Article No.: LDEP831-1Article No.: LDEP831-1
Applicable group: childrenApplicable group: children
Supporting structure: patellar padSupporting structure: patellar pad
Applicable scenarios: sports, fitness, sprains/fracturesApplicable scenarios: sports, fitness, sprains/fractures
Protection grade: comprehensive protectionProtection grade: comprehensive protection
Length: 180-250mmLength: 180-250mm
Material: nylon/nylon (polyamide fiber), spandex (polyurethane elastic fiber)Material: nylon/nylon (polyamide fiber), spandex (polyurethane elastic fiber)
Function: Protection, anti slip, breathableFunction: Protection, anti slip, breathable
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