Baby Safe Haven
Home Playpen Manlong Baby Crib Fence Baby Fall Prevention Bed Railbed Rail Safety Monet Grey 1.8m
$142 (tax inclusive)
Manlong Baby Crib Fence Baby Fall Prevention Bed Railbed Rail Safety Monet Grey 1.8m
[Manlong Monet Grey bed railsafety1.8m] Manlong Baby Crib Fence Baby's anti fall bed railbed rail anti fall safety Monet Grey 1.8m [Market quotation price evaluation]-
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Product name: Manlong Monet Grey bed railsafety1.8mProduct name: Manlong Monet Grey bed railsafety1.8m
Product number: 100051654838Product number: 100051654838
Gross weight of goods: 5.5kgGross weight of goods: 5.5kg
Origin: Chinese MainlandOrigin: Chinese Mainland
Applicable mattress height: ≤ 30cmApplicable mattress height: ≤ 30cm
Single sided size: 1.8mSingle sided size: 1.8m
Scope of application: Bedroom, bedScope of application: Bedroom, bed
Number of pieces: 1 pieceNumber of pieces: 1 piece
Height adjustable: adjustableHeight adjustable: adjustable
Domestic/Imported: DomesticDomestic/Imported: Domestic
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