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Home Playpen EUDEMON portable bed rail for children on their travel bed Swing Down Bed Rail Guard portable bed rail
$93 (tax inclusive)
EUDEMON portable bed rail for children on their travel bed Swing Down Bed Rail Guard portable bed rail
【 EUDEMON B7204-1.8M 】 EUDEMON portable bed rail for preventing baby falls on baby cots. Swing Down Bed Rail Guard is portable and free of bed rails. 【 Market quotation 】
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Product name: Youman Chengpin B7204-1.8MProduct name: Youman Chengpin B7204-1.8M
Product number: 100063299079Product number: 100063299079
Gross weight of goods: 4.15kgGross weight of goods: 4.15kg
Origin: Chinese MainlandOrigin: Chinese Mainland
Product number: B7204-1.8M-G2Product number: B7204-1.8M-G2
Applicable mattress height: ≤ 10cmApplicable mattress height: ≤ 10cm
Single sided size: OtherSingle sided size: Other
Domestic/Imported: DomesticDomestic/Imported: Domestic
Number of pieces: 1 pieceNumber of pieces: 1 piece
Height adjustable: not adjustableHeight adjustable: not adjustable
Scope of application: Bedroom, bedScope of application: Bedroom, bed
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