About US

About US


Baby Safe Haven was founded by a single mother who had a passion for protecting her child. Like many new mothers, she was concerned about the safety of her baby and wanted to provide a safe environment for her little one to explore and play. She searched for high-quality products that would help her to safeguard her baby at home, but she struggled to find products that were both effective and affordable.

Determined to find a solution, the single mother began researching and designing her own products. She worked tirelessly to create products that met the highest safety standards and were made with high-quality materials. She tested each product on her own baby to ensure that they were both safe and comfortable for little ones.

The products that she created proved to be a success, and her friends and family soon began asking her to make the same products for their babies. Word quickly spread, and soon she was receiving orders from parents all over the country. It was then that she realized that there was a real need for high-quality, affordable baby safety products.

Today, Baby Safe Haven is a thriving business that continues to be committed to providing parents with the best possible products to keep their babies safe and secure. We offer a wide range of products, including baby knee pads, edge & corner guards, head protectors, baby walkers, and playpens, all made with the same care and attention to detail as when we started.

At Baby Safe Haven, we are proud to be a brand that is built on a foundation of love, passion, and a commitment to providing the very best for our customers. We believe that every parent deserves to have access to the highest quality baby safety products, and we are dedicated to continuing to provide these products for years to come.